Looking to buy a stretch tent? Read our frequently asked questions to find out how a MyTent can transform your space.

What is MyTent?

MyTent is the sister company of Intent. We are stretch tent experts and have been providing the events industry and small venues with health and safety approved stretch tents since 2006. MyTent work with pubs, bars, hotels, venues and pop-ups with to provide bespoke semi-permanent tents with a specialised maintenance service that will ensure your tents last a long time.

How would a stretch tent work for my pub garden or venue?

Our stretch tents are made to measure. For the stretch tent to work in your garden it doesn’t always need to be attached to a structure or building, we can use a variety of techniques that include stakes, bolts or ballast to create a freestanding tent.

What about a stretch tent for my rooftop venue?

We specialise in made to measure stretch tents and have over 13 years experience rigging tents in tricky spaces. Here’s one we created for The Alexandra pub in Wimbledon and another for the Marriott Hotel in central London.


What fabric do you use for a MyTent stretch tent? 

Our tents are formed from a waterproof cutting-edge polyester stretch fabric that’s both flame retardant and anti-microbial.

Do MyTent stretch tents have poles? 

Yes, we use poles or truss depending on the ergonomics of your tent or garden space.

Do your stretch tents come in different colours? 

Our stretch tents come in a mix of colours but a lot of our clients prefer the classic ‘chino’. See below to see one of our chino tents looking fine.


How do I order a MyTent stretch tent?

Call us up or drop us an email here. Once you’ve made contact one of the helpful MyTent team will get in touch, organise a visit to your venue or property and create a 3D design. Once you’re happy with the proposed plan and - if required - additional engineer reports we will work with our designers and specialist manufacturer to build your unique tent. Once it’s ready we will come and rig your stretch tent.

How long does it take from final design to installation?

Once you’re happy with the final layout MyTents stretch tents take around 6-8 weeks from design to installation. As all tents are made to measure we have to allow time for each one to be hand stitched and prepared at our manufacturers.

Are MyTent stretch tents health and safety approved? 

They sure are. When you buy a stretch tent you have the option to carry out a full engineer report with appropriate paperwork available before and after installation. All tents are fitted to the highest standard taking into account wind speeds, rainfall and adverse weather conditions. We are also accredited and proud members of MUTA -  a body that vets and ensures ethical and professional behaviour throughout the tent, marquee and structures industry.

How much does a custom stretch tent cost? 

All stretch tents are priced according to the size and nature of the space. Contact us for a quote.

Do you take the tents down when it’s sunny? 

It’s up to you, a lot of our clients like to remove their tents during sunny weather. We will head to your venue or pub garden to remove the tent, give it some TLC and store it away until you need it again.

Do you offer a stretch tent cleaning service? 

As part of our maintenance package we offer to clean, store and reinstall your tent. We suggest you have your tent cleaned a minimum of once a year.

What do I do with my stretch tent during adverse weather conditions? 

Call us!  We will let you know exactly what you need to do during extreme winds, torrential rain and snow storms.

Are stretch tents good for sunny weather too?

Yes, they provide excellent shade and because they do not have walls they are also very cool.

Do you have any more pictures of stretch tents in pub gardens? 

Head over to our gallery or read this helpful article about how to get a stretch tent for your pub garden.

I’ve been approached by a brand to collaborate on a tent? 

We work with lots of brands and venues to create bespoke branded tents with tasteful branding. Check out more pictures here.